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Friday 4th May 2018 – Bar Stage


8:00 – Stone  Cold – more info coming soon.

9.15 – QUEEN ZEE



Deemed an ‘unavoidably loud force for good’ by Clash, Liverpool Queercore outfit

Queen Zee burst forth from Merseyside in 2016. Gaining popularity for their dangerous live show,

political nature, and DIY approach, the band appeared with Shame, Show Me the Body, HMLTD, The Spook School,

Menace Beach and Marmozets to name a few.




11:30 – Rock Karaoke & Bar open late.

 Saturday 5th May 2018 – Bar Stage


12:30 –




2:00 – 

2:30 –

3:15 –


4:00 –

4:45 –

5:30 – ATTIC THEORY – more info coming soon

6:15 – Good Problems

We are Good Problems, everybody has them. We are a 4 piece alternative rock band based in Liverpool, mongrel rock at it’s finest. With Liam Crosbie on drums, Nat Waters on guitar, George Rose on BAG (bass and guitar) and Jen Baranick on lead vocals. We are upbeat yet heavy and melodic. We’re moody but we make you move. What have you? Good Problems.

7:00 –  Klammer

Post-punk is definitely alive and well in Leeds, thanks to KLAMMER.
You could be forgiven for thinking that you had been teleported back to 1970s due to the echoes of Gang of Four and Wire that permeate the quartet’s sound but KLAMMER are no tribute band.  
Although glimpses into their influences shine through their music, the four piece are already carving a name for themselves in their own right, thanks to an already booming back catalogue, helped along by their first album, “AUSLANE”.

Listen to the catchy funky punching drum rhythms of tracks such as The Heat collide with gravelly guitar rumbles, pedal fuzz and brooding spoken vocals of Evolve, amidst art-rock teases in Rising to see for yourself that this is a band that is not only unafraid of experimentation-but is able to do it well.

It’s not surprising then that they have already wrangled supporting slots for bands such as Art Brut, 999, The Membranes and Department S and have been played on BBC radio*


7:45 – Voodoo Blood

Formed from mutual love of fuzz riffs and grooves, Voodoo Blood are re imagine blues with a heavy twist.

With their monstrous pounding tones and a hurricane of enchanting and powerful vocals they will shake your bones and mesmerize you with their unique and relentless performances. This is “Anabolic blues at its finest.”

The band, fronted by the powerhouse that is The Voodoo Woman. Who has been described “the height of rock vocals” and compared to the likes of Lzzy Hale Robert plant and Janis Joplin are currently on the run up to the release of their debut single “groove medicine”. Recorded at edge studios in the footsteps of their highly praised debut EP anabolic blues, they hope so sell out rebellion bar again and pair the single with a show that won’t be forgotten.  

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rival Sons, and Blues Pills the band have already secured themselves with some mentionable slots, from cramming over 300 people into rebellion bar in Manchester for their EP launch to following in the footsteps of their heroes and gracing the stage of the royal Albert hall in London. The band have also played some local and national festivals, from headlining Cambridge rock fest to festwich to bloodstock open air. 
Voodoo Blood are ravenous and hungry to show the world what they have got, and this is only the beginning for these young and unique rockers.

8:30 –  Chasing Dragons

Careering into view like a raging typhoon, female-fronted Leeds based Chasing Dragons are a sprawling beast that incorporate frenetic post-hardcore bursts of penetrating guitars, thunderous vocals and a titan-esque rhythm section; all which entwine with moments of alt-metal, hard rock with a defining punk undercurrent.

Unafraid to step outside their realms of metal riffery, their new EP “Checkmate” launches you headlong into the full throttle rock and whips you on a journey fused with thick molten riffs dripping with an underlining harmony which then slips into moments of soft melancholia, frantic bass lines and unrelenting guitar pushing it to the limit. They tease you with a sense of mischief, surrounded by a cacophony of rage, defiance and riffs so meaty they could move mountains. Reaching deep inside, they grab your heart and soul and rouse you to stand up and be counted; do not be bound, do not be tied town – fight and fight to survive.

Chasing Dragons are unrelenting, rocket fuelled rock and roll that you can see Lemmy tipping his Stetson to in approval in the distance somewhere.

Drawing comparisons to Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI and Aiden, Chasing Dragons are coming out of the traps making some noise and having already shared line ups with the likes of Skindred, The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend, Glamour Of The Kill, Pendulum, Silent Screams, Betraying The Martyrs, InMe, Death Angel, The Sweet and Fearless Vampire Killers amongst many others, ‘Checkmate’ is a real statement of intent. And they intend to grab you by the throat.”

10:00 – Ozzbest – Black Sabbath Tribute 

A seemingly endless stream of weird and wonderful characters to rival Spinal Tap has resulted in the current line-up after many years. With Phil as the only original member, much like the real Ozzy’s band, Ozzbest has evolved and changed over the years. With a combination of Phil as a shrieking, ranting Ozzy, Paul’s Zakk Wylde style riffing and shredding, Bob’s near-perfect Geezer Butler bass attack and the powerful precision thumping backbone of Goldie’s drumming, the band suits perfectly any period of Ozzy era Sabbath right up to his modern day solo work. 

With almost a hundred years of playing experience between them, Ozzbest deliver an exciting stage performance; their love of Ozzy and Sabbath songs really shines through


Rock Karaoke till Late

 Sunday 6th May 2018 – Bar Stage


1:30 –

2.15 –

3.00 – 

3.45 – 

4.30 –

5.15 –

6.00 –





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