The Death Do Us Part

The Death Do Us Part Danger Show.


The Death Do Us Part Danger Show are world touring circus superstars Charlie and Rachel Atlas. This married couple share a passion for a very unusual and exotic activity, knife throwing! In just a few years they have taken this old-time circus art form and brought it kicking and screaming into the 21st century with wildly inventive stunts, viral internet videos and worldwide performances.


They are based in the UK but have toured and performed in three continents and over 24 countries, combining the traditional circus stunts of yesteryear like knife throwing and sword swallowing with many modern twists and a rock n’ roll edge. They have performed at rock festivals, huge theatre shows, tattoo conventions, fringe festivals and even the Scottish Culture Awards.  This is their second year at the LTC and they are looking forward to debuting some insane new material including the UK debut of their wheel of death…


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