Tattoo Duels



The Tattoo Duels pit two Tattoo Artists against each other, working within a theme and a tight time frame to produce the best tattoo. The winner is decided by audience ballot.

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The winner walks away with a Trophy and a marvelous prize presented by Central Tattoo Supplies whilst the loser has a forfeit. Last years forfeit was the stocks. Who knows what’s in store for the losers this year!!!



























 The Liverpool Tattoo Convention Tattoo Duels are Sponsored by Central Tattoo Supplies



2017 Winners

Congratulations to our Tattoo Duel Winners

Simon Cooke Vs Sascia Marques Theme: ‘Death’ – Winner Simon Cooke
Sonny Mitchell Vs Gavin Clarke – Winner Sonny Michell
Luke Naylor Vs Kyle Williams Theme@ ’80’s Action Heroes’ – Winner Luke Naylor
Craig Measures Vs Paul Humphreys – Winner Craig Measures


2016 Winners

Congratulations to our Tattoo Duel Winners

Michelle Maddison V Claire Danger Hamill – Winner Michelle Maddison

Luke Naylor V Gavin Clarke – Winner Luke Naylor

Mark Bester and Paul Smith V Chris Harrison and Nipper Williams – Winner Mark Bester and Paul Smith

Nick Cammillare V Simon Cooke – Winner Simon Cooke

Chris Ravage V Sonny Mitchell – Winner Sonny Mitchell

2015 Winners

Congratulations to our Tattoo Duel Winners

Simon Cooke Vs Gavin Clarke – Winner Simon Cooke
Marked for Life Tattoo(Mark Bester & Paul Smith) Vs Second Skin Tattoo(Tim & Jordan Crooke) – Winner Marked for Life Tattoo
Craig Measures Vs Luke Naylor – Winner Craig Measures
Alex Rattray Vs Sam Barber – Winner – Alex Rattray
Claire Hamill Vs Sam Ford – Winner – Claire Hamill
Filip Pasieka Vs Chris Ravage – Winner – Chris Ravage

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