Trade Supply Policy

Trade Supply Policy

Liverpool Tattoo Convention does not promote the sale of Tattoo Equipment to unlicensed Tattoo Artists. The Trade area at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention is self regulated and the policing of the sale of equipment is upheld by the Trade Suppliers themselves,

You should bring proof of status that you are a registered Tattoo Artist in order to purchase equipment from the trade suppliers in attendance.

The Trade supply room is located just of the main hotel reception, near the lifts and main bar in the Compton Suite.

Tattoo Artists can sell prints, t-shirts, aftercare and other non tattoo equipment items from their booths. if you build machines then you may sell your own machines(to the trade only) however you must not sell items on behalf of suppliers, companies or other machine makers. You can not sell inks, tattoo equipment or anything else that is already available from the trade suppliers in attendance. If you do you will be asked to remove it. Thank you for your co-operation in this.


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